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Tree Care

Now you have your new tree, the decorating fun begins. Follow the tree care instructions below and your room will be smelling of pine for 4 weeks. Happy decorating.

Cut Trees
(Radiata Pines & Douglas F

1. Hose down, although we've done our best to check the trees for spiders, we recommend giving
them a LOW PRESSURE hose down outside before taking inside. This also keeps the needles moist.


2. CUT 2.5cm off the bottom of the trunk. This removes the trunk that has dried resin in and allows your tree to absorb water.

3. Firmly place your tree into the base of your stand, securing all 3 bolts firmly.

4. Place your tree in a shaded part of the room.

5. Keep away from direct heat, AC or sunlight as this will dry your tree out quickly. Direct sunlight will turn your tree brown with in 1/2 weeks.

6. WATER DAILY. Your tree can absorb 3 litres of water a day!
We advise if your stand goes dry, recut the base of the tree to allow water to be absorbed again.

The base of the tree should always be submerged and continually topped up to prevent the tree from drying out.

7. Spray every 3 days. Fill an old spray bottle with water and spray the needles. Obviously not if you're using electric lights. We recommend battery powered.



Potted Trees
(Blue Spruce & Radiata Pine)

1. Water, water, water!
Summer months, soak THREE times a week.
Winter months, soak TWICE a week.

2. Every 3 – 4 years you will need to repot into a slightly larger pot with some added high quality potting mix.

3. During the summer months position outside in dappled shade outside.

4. In late summer to autumn, it can be moved into full sun until the next season.

5. Early spring add a little slow release fertiliser to help it look great by Christmas.


6. After 10 years the growth rate tends to speed up, especially when grown in the ground.Growth rate can be improved in good soil with some fertiliser.



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